miss A Suzy’s LA Paparazzi Cuts

miss A Suzy’s LA paparazzi cuts were revealed! The pictures are taken from filming of the drama “Big.” On “Big” Suzy will play the 18 year old high school student “Mary Jang.” She is the ex-girlfriend of Gong Yoo’s high school self. (“Big” is about a drama where a high school boy and a doctor switch bodies. Gong Yoo will play the high school student that has switched into the doctor’s body)

After breaking up, Suzy’s character continued to track Gong Yoo’s high school self and finally figured out that he was attending high school in South Korea. That is when she decides to return to South Korea.

In the revealed pictures, Suzy is continuing to send text messages in the U.S. to figure out where her ex-boyfriend is.

Fans that are anticipating Suzy’s role stated, “I am looking forward to the tough Suzy,” “I think Suzy will be very funny,” “Suzy isn’t going to be playing an antagonist is she?” and “I wish she gave me that much interest.”

“Big” will begin broadcasting on June 4.