What Happens When You’re Stuck in Between Lee Hyori and Honey Lee?

Jang Bum Joon was screaming in joy, happily stuck between Lee Hyori and Honey Lee.

In OnStyle channel’s “Lee Hyori’s Social Club Golden 12,” he has held hands with Hyori and Honey in a campaign called “Heart for Eye.” The campaign targets blind children with the simple goal of giving them vision to share the profundity of fashion.

He didn’t know what to do standing between the two gorgeous, but playful ladies. Ganged up by the outgoing two beauties, he was seen to be begging for mercy as the photographer continued to take pictures away.

Honey was heard to say how adorable Jang is as soon as they were introduced, and Jang in turn couldn’t stop showering Honey with praises. He even presented her a gift—a caricature drawing of Honey that he drew on the spot. Thanks to their friendly interactions, the photoshoot atmosphere took a turn to a lovey-dovey one.