JYP Looks like Superman in “5 Million Dollar Man” Poster

Park Jin Young, who is a singer and JYP Entertainment’s CEO, has now transformed in to a movie actor.

On May 25, CJ Entertainment revealed a poster of “5 Million Dollar Man,” which has Park Jin Young’s figure on it.

The movie is about a corporation’s head of department (played by Park Jin Young) who learns that a director is trying to kill him and pocket five million dollars. After figuring that out, the head of department steals a bag of five million dollars and runs away.

Thunder in a cloudy sky is the background of the poster, and Park Jin Young is revealing his chest, which has a gold dollar mark on it. This whole figure makes him look like a hero who is about to save the world.

He already showed that he is skilled in various areas as a musician, a producer, an entertainment CEO, and even as a judge in an audition program. Therefore, how he will play the role in the movie as a comic actor rouses people’s curiosity.

In “5 Million Dollar Man,” Jo Seong Ha, Min Hyo Rin, Jo Hee Bong, and Oh Jeong Se will appear, and the movie’s scheduled for release on June 28.