Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum Bares Masculine Body and Abs

Super Junior member/actor Kim Ki Bum has transformed into a finely toned swimmer.

He shows off his “golden proportions” of 8.5 and abs, clad in his swimsuit in the new tvN drama “I Love Lee Tae Ri.” He plays the role of Geum Eun Dong. The character goes through an overnight transformation from an innocent 14-year-old adolescent to a mature 25-year-old man. The released photos reveal the athlete showing off his skills in water.

In the photos, you can see the reverse triangle shape of his masculine body and slick muscles that form a perfect butterfly pose, with a glimpse of his sexy V-line below his belly button. His bright, innocent smile is reminiscent of Park Tae Hwan, the Olympic medalist from 2008.

Kim Ki Bum says that he has “always liked being in water,” due to the training he received when he was young. He worked hard, however, for this role. He has been controlling his diet and exercising more to get the difficult butterfly poses correct. “My stronger health allowed me to have fun with filming without getting tired at all,” he said.

Netizens have been astounded by the photos. “I thought I’ve seen these before, and I confused them with Park Tae Hwan’s younger photos,” “Those perfect chocolate abs… so cool,” and “When is this scene going to be broadcast” have been among many enthusiastic reactions.

“I Love Lee Tae Ri” is a romance comedy between an overnight-adult Geum Eun Dong and a chaebol heiress, Lee Tae Ri, who doesn’t believe in love. It charts their 100 days together over the span of 16 episodes.

The drama will broadcast on May 28, 11 PM KST.