Girl’s Day Minah Wants to Have an Evening Date by a Fountain

Girl’s Day’s Minah recently revealed her ideal date location she’s been dreaming of.

On the evening of May 26, many stars including Kim Bu SunIm Sung MinPark Myung SooKim Kyung JinChoi GoonKim GayeonAn Mun Sook, Girl’s Day’s Minah and YuraPark Ju Hee, and more guested on “Quiz to Change the World” and showed of their wittiness.

On this day, Minah, who had just turned twenty, was asked what she wanted to do now that she was an adult. Minah shyly answered, “Now that I’m twenty, I want to date.” To this, she was asked what her ideal date location was. Minah answered, “I want to walk around a fountain at night and talk to my boyfriend.”

Meanwhile, Minah recently embarked on her acting career, and imitated “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Kim Young Ae’s fury and garnered attention.