Se7en Travels Around in a Helicopter

Se7en tweeted on May 25, “This is it: how to get from Yeosu to Busan in just 30 minutes” with a photo of himself standing in front of a helicopter.

In the photo, he proudly shows off the vehicle in a confident expression. He is also showing off a rather fashionista side of him, clad in shades.

He also added a greeting message to his fans: “Busan. All those who were with me today. It was so nice to meet you, and it was fun. Everyone, good night.”

Netizens reacted to the photo in different ways: “Se7en goes through his schedule by a helicopter,” “Se7en’s helicopter, so jealous!” “Se7en was a hallyu star in a class of his own,”and “I saw him at Busan. So he got there by a helicopter.”