miss A’s Suzy Makes Gong Yoo Blush by Calling Him Ajusshi

Earlier today, upcoming KBS drama “Big” held its production press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Jamsil, Seoul. Actors Gong Yoo, Lee Ming Jung, Bae Suzy (miss A), Jang Hee Jin, Baek Sung Hyun, Shin Won Ho, and director Ji Byung Hyun attended the event, displaying their excitement and anticipation for the drama.

During the press conference, reporters asked Suzy, “How do you address Gong Yoo?” The young singer-actress replied, “I haven’t really called him yet. We haven’t had a lot of scenes together yet.” MC Jo Woo Jong responded, “Let’s clarify the title right now. Try calling him whatever you want to call him,” to which Suzy answered, “Ahjusshi [middle-aged man/mister],” much to everyone’s amusement.

Reportedly, Gong Yoo blushed as soon as he heard the word, and Suzy tried to fix the situation by stating, “Just kidding. I will call him Gong Yoo sunbaenim.” However, the damage was already done, and Gong Yoo couldn’t hide the humiliation of being called ajusshi.

Meanwhile, netizens commented, “Aww, Gong Yoo is already an ajusshi,” “Well, Gong Yoo is a lot older than Suzy,” “Funny, yet sad,” and more.