YG Gives Perfect 100 for Big Bang and 2NE1’s Upcoming Albums

Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and chairman of YG Entertainment, revealed his honest feelings about Big Bang and 2NE1’s upcoming albums.

“Big Bang will release new songs on June 3 and 6. 2NE1 also confirmed its new album release in June,” Yang Hyun Suk said in an interview with local media E-Daily StarIn.

“Both Big Bang and 2NE1 are having the most fun with their music since their debut and their chemistry is perfect. This is my personal opinion, but I’d like to give their new songs a perfect 100. In particular, I’m really comfortable with 2NE1. They always come out with very good songs. In addition to that, their musical talent and fashion sense have made them a top group. You can expect a lot of good things from their new album,” Yang Hyun Suk added.

Big Bang will release their special edition album, “Still Alive,” on June 3. This album will contain five new tracks, in addition to songs from their previous mini album “Alive.” However, because of their world tour, Big Bang will not run any promotions in Korea for this album.

2NE1 has finished recording their new album, including seven new tracks. Currently, 2NE1 is going over three tracks for their title song, and will run heavy local promotions once the album gets released. However, it’s unclear if it will be a regular album or a mini album.