IU Wants to Retire When She Gets Married

The “nation’s little sister” IU surprised everyone with her unexpected life goal on yesterday’s episode of SBSStrong Heart,” hosted by Lee Dong Wook and Shin Dong Yup. During the episode, IU mentioned, “I want to get married early,” and further stunned her fans by revealing, “When I get married, I will quit my work and focus on becoming a supportive wife.”

She continued, “My life’s goal is to have a happy marriage. There’s nothing I want more than a happy, secure life with my family.”

Boom asked, “Do you cook well?” to which she answered, “Honestly, I’m a good cook.”

The answer came as a surprise especially because IU’s musical talents and vocal abilities have been recognized both by the public and music industry experts. Hence, many people speculated that she would be around for a long time.