G.NA’s “Lady Gaga-esque” Ribbon Hair

G.NA shared a hilarious “copy cat” photo of Lady Gaga‘s ribbon hair.

On May 30, G.NA tweeted, “Little Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair? To be honest, I tried to do ‘poop’ hair but my make-up director tells me it looks more like a ribbon. Now that I look at it, maybe?” and attached a photo of herself.

The released photo contains G.NA and her long wavy hair with an adorable ribbon addition. She is exuding a very feminine aura with her orange and pink, two-tone colored dye. She brought out her more attractive side with a cute vibe different from Lady Gaga by her victory sign and puffy cheeks.

Netizens reacted, “G.NA looks good with the ribbon hair,” “Prettier than Lady Gaga,” “I love your song, 2HOT~”

In the meantime, she is continuing her comeback activities with her new song, “2HOT.”