Kim Soo Hyun’s Doppelganger Is…

The Moon That Embraces the Sun” heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun has a doppelganger, female fans rejoice! Kim Soo Hyun’s doppelganger is “N” of the new idol group VIXX. “N” is gaining attention for this fact alone!

“N” is supposed to have the same type of personality that Kim Soo Hyun’s character had on the KBS2 drama “Dream High.” “N” has a combination of both a soft and strong charisma.

Netizens that have come across “N” stated, “When you look at him, they do look alike,” “When he comes on broadcasted shows I am going to focus on him,” and “There is another similarity between the two, they are both good at singing.”

“N” is a member that is both good at singing and dancing.

What do you think? Do the two look alike?