It’s always flattering to hear that you look good without any makeup.  Women have forever lusted for flawless and natural looking skin, and our foundations have evolved as a result.  Makeup artist Kim Chun Kyung, who has created this no-makeup illusion for many actresses, gives us a brief history and shares her secrets with us.

History of “No-Makeup” Skin in Korea

Kim Ji Ho:  The Start of Nude Makeup

During the mid-90s, women wore three layers of three different foundations, in addition to cover sticks (concealer), for a three-dimensional look.  The trend of trying to save the natural face color with just one layer of foundation began with the nude makeup worn by “Bride of August” actress, Kim Ji Ho.
TREND ITEMS:  Cover Stick (concealer), Two Way Cake

Go Hyun Jung:  Fresh and Dewy Makeup

When she returned with her drama “Spring Days,Go Hyun Jung showed off such youthful and dewy skin it looked as if her hair would stick to her face.  To get this glowing look, Go Hyun Jung mixed moisturizer or emulsion into her foundation.

TREND ITEMS:  Moisturizer, Makeup Fixer Mist, Pearl Base

Jeon Ji Hyun:  Freckle-Showing Nude Face

For this effect, apply a thin layer of foundation over your entire face, and an additional layer over your freckles.  The point isn’t to completely cover your freckles, but to make your freckles just a bit lighter so that you can create the illusion of having a flawless face, seemingly without the help of any makeup.  This is perfect for people who often feel like they need to cake on the foundation in order to cover large pores or troubled skin.

TREND ITEMS:  BB Cream, Concealer

Im Soo Jung:  Transparent Skin

The key is to apply a base that’s thin enough for a slight flush to show through.  The popular foundations at the time were tinted moisturizers and pressed powder foundations, which have considerably less coverage than traditional foundations.  These foundations needed to be supplemented by primers in order to smooth pores and set the foundation, making primers the it-item at the time.

TREND ITEMS:  Pressed Powder Foundation, Primers,

F(x)’s Sulli:  Smooth and Radiant Skin

Saving your original skin tone has become increasingly important.  In the spotlight right now are foundations that give you the desired effect without the use of primers or pore balms.  Currently popular products also boast strong coverage and a fluid flexibility.

TREND ITEMS:  BB Foundation, BB Balm

Lesson 1:  The Evolution of Skillful Mixing

“In the past, foundation, cover stick, two-way cake, etc. were all used in multiple layers to cover up blemishes, but we’re turning more towards a natural look nowadays.  The first couple steps have become crucial because of this, and you need to learn how to mix your foundation, BB cream, and primer in order to get the texture you want.”
Makeup Professional, Kim Chung Kyung

Q:  What is the natural skin look?
A:  When we say natural skin, we’re referring to skin that looks youthful and naturally radiant.

 Q:  How do we pick a foundation?
A:  Foundations with pink tones can look glamorous, but it’s hard to match the yellow tint of Asian skin.  Pick a beige tinted multipurpose foundation with sunblock and primer capabilities.  The less you have to do for your base, the more natural the look will be.

Step by Step

1 – Create a smooth surface before applying foundation by using a large dollop of moisturizer or face oil.

2 – By using a pearly or luminescent primer, you can create a natural looking glow.

3 – For a more natural look, mix moisturizer, emulsion, BB cream, primer, or sunblock into your foundation.

4 – If you used powder or highlighter, spray mist over your face to make the foundation last longer.  Using a mist with essence or serum elements will keep your face moisturized for longer as well.

Lesson 2:  Skincare Also Goes Hallyu

“Korean women’s skin has become the envy of Chinese and Japanese women.  The BB cream craze started in Korea, popularizing local Korean brands as well as specialized lines by makeup artists.  Celebrities sporting natural skin, with their freckles slightly visible, was also a hot topic.  “Real skin” is all determined by how effectively you use your products.”
Makeup Professional, Jung Sem Mul

Q:  What do we consider “real skin”?
A:  Skin that looks so bright it seems transparent.

Q:  How do we pick?
A:  Instead of just going for a bright shade, pick a foundation that matches the tone of your neck.  Use foundation first, then concealer to cover blemishes.  Larger freckles should be left alone, and emphasis should be on a dewy finish for a natural look.

Step by Step

1 – Before applying makeup, use a moisturizing mask to make your skin plumper.  It is also good for your skin if you use facial oil for added moisture.

2 – We recommend using a tool that lets you apply a thinner layer than your fingers would allow.  A curve puff lets you control the amount of foundation you use, and gives a more natural application to difficult areas such as near your eyes, the tip of your nose, and your chin.

3 – To make your makeup last longer, set it with a pressed powder instead of loose powder.

4 – You can get naturally radiant looking skin by using a brush to apply pressed powder on oily areas in the T-zone.

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