Top Comments on Soompi (May 25- June 1)

Hey folks, another week winded down and it is time for another batch of the top comments on! Thank you for all of you who have given support, and also for those of you who have given criticism. I know I’m not the funniest or sharpest tool in the shed, but I will keep trying~

Let the games begin!

Comment #1

DSP Media’s New Boy Group A-JAX Releases Debut MV “One 4 U”

DSP Media injects $50,000 on computer graphics for the debut music video of the new boy group “A-JAX.” But is that money well spent?

Comment #2

miss A Suzy Makes Chinese Celebrities Look Average

Sometimes I cringe at the articles that I translate for and this was one of them. Yes, it was a direct translation and I did not embellish anything at all. I for one am currently infatuated with miss A’s Suzy, however, it looks like a straight male is getting sick of her.

What does it matter if you are straight or not?… I… really don’t understand @_@

Comment #3

BoA Blames SM for Her Short Height

BoA blamed SM for her short height, due to dieting at a young age. “Random_luv” who does mean well, said a few things that made me snortle with laughter. “You’re tiny cuz of genetics not because SM malnourished you.” OUCH!

Comment #4

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong to Enlist for Military Service in July

Sadness ensues as many SS501 fans weep at their stars enlistment. But some think that it is for the better!

Comment #5

SISTAR’s Hyorin Was Once Afraid of People

I guess having sociophobia is a serious ordeal, something I can understand. I don’t know why I’m putting this comment on this list but it made me go “aww.” I guess the cuteness of it made me smile? Perhaps it’s because the commenters name is “Grape Juice.” I love grape juice, purple drink, purple stuff…

Comment #6

f(x)’s Amber Shows Off Her Flowers

That title made me do a double-take, I’m going to have to tease hotshotlover30 when I see her in the office on Monday. Something… just sounds wrong about that title. Anyways, “kkajang” got me with her trollolol comment “A lesbian and her flowers.” @_@

Comment #7

Lee Hyori Shows Off Sexy Bikini Body on “Golden 12″

Unfortunately as many of you probably know, Soompi has a profanity filter. I always get a kick out of it when people figure that out. I’m assuming that Mousy-Muso was trying to say butt. Whoever is working on our profanity filter must think Richard Simmons is a real butt. (*cough* Melkimx)

Comment #8

Why Can’t Taeyeon Donate Blood?

The article was about how Taeyeon didn’t way enough so she could not donate blood. I stumbled upon this gem of a comment, that takes a weird turn. (Name and picture blotted out for privacy reasons)

That’s… Just… Scary… All Hail Taeyeon and sacrifice your children in the name of Girls’ Generation. GEE GEE GEE GEE GEE GEE~

Comment #9

Lee Min Jung Takes a Peek Inside Gong Yoo’s Pants

Last and definitely not least, hahaha this picture really made me laugh out loud. This person made a comment that was hilarious, and no I’m not just saying that because he’s my superior. His comment was witty but very insightful at the same time, and it also made my heart flutter. I wanted to break out in song.