Which Maknae Is Your Favorite Idol Member?

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Last week, T-ara finally unveiled the profile picture of their 9th and youngest member, Dani. Although she’s not expected to join the group until December, Dani is already making headlines for her 167 cm height and striking resemblance to Argentinean actress Olivia Hussey.

But what really caught the attention of many fans was her age – born in 1998, Dani is making her debut at the tender age of 14! That makes Dani one of the youngest idol members in K-Pop, and perhaps one of the most attractive maknaes (youngest member) among all idol groups.

In this article, we will go over seven of the most popular and talented maknae members in today’s K-Pop. While there are still concerns over the maturity of these young stars (and their lack of school education due to activities), there’s no question these kids got the talent and looks to be top celebrities.

Enjoy the list and please let us know which maknae member you like the most!

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Big Bang’s Seungri:

Seungri made his debut with Big Bang when he was only 16 years old. But he’s improved in so many ways over the last six years, expanding his resume to solo albums and TV drama/musical acting. He’s still the youngest and perhaps the least “used” Big Bang member, but his immense talent will only open up so much more opportunities down the road.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee:

Sohee earned the “Nation’s Little Sister” nickname with her “Omona” line in the Wonder Girls’ 2007 debut single, “Tell Me.” She was 15 when she took the country by storm with her sweet looks and adorable smile, and she’s still only 19 after four albums and a career that spanned the U.S. and Japan. She’s expressed her desire to venture into the movie acting business recently, so look for her own movie to come out soon as well!

B.A.P’s Zelo:

B.A.P’s Zelo is the group’s maknae, but he’s already the lead rapper and dancer of the group. Born in 1996, Zelo is also the youngest male idol star in the ENTIRE K-Pop industry. Once dreamed of becoming a soccer player (it would have made sense considering his 182 cm height), Zelo quickly grew a passion for dancing/rapping/beat boxing in elementary school and got recruited by TS Entertainment (Make sure you check out Zelo’s pre-debut dance video filmed when he was 12 years old!). He made his debut in 2011 through “Never Give Up,” with B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, and in less than a year, he’s already considered one of the fastest rising stars in all of K-Pop. Only the sky’s the limit for this 15-year old rapper/dancer.

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun:

Seohyun is turning 21 later this month (born in 1991), but don’t let the numbers fool you. She may be the youngest Girls’ Generation member, but she’s probably the heaviest reader and most knowledgeable member among the group. Her work hasn’t really expanded into other areas yet, but she continues to take on bigger roles, and it seems like she’s going to be a major part of SM Entertainment’s future plan moving forward.

2NE1’s Minzy:

The 18-year old Minzy is already considered the best dancer in the group (or in all of K-Pop?). She doesn’t have the conventional K-Pop beauty face, but her charismatic look and explosive stage presence have earned her huge followings around the world. Yang Hyun Suk personally recruited Minzy when she was in fifth grade, and it took her five years to debut under 2NE1. Give her another five years, and you may get to see one of the most talented idol stars ever.

miss A’s Suzy:

miss A’s Suzy is one of K-Pop’s hottest commodities these days, with her activities crossing over music, TV dramas, and movies. In April, she was named the Best Rookie Actress at the “48th Baeksang Arts Awards” for her role in “Architecture 101,” making her the first female star to win the Rookie of the Year Award in three different categories (music, TV drama, film). She’s the youngest member of miss A (she’s only 17), but there’s no doubt she’s already the most prominent member of the group (or in all of JYPE). Her pure and innocent looks give her the perfect “girl-next-door” image, and it seems like Suzy will reign as the most talented and popular maknae idol member for some time.