2PM’s Taecyeon Reveals What Members Talk About When They Get Together

2PM’s Taecyeon confessed that members insult JYP once they get together.

On June 3 broadcast of MBC Section TV Entertainment News, 2PM released footage from their concert at Budokan, Japan. They were the first Korean artists to perform for six days consecutively, each day calling 10,000 fans to fill the seats, 60,000 fans in total.

Taecyeon was asked, “What do 2PM members talk about when they’re together?” He gave a formal, textbook answer: “We talk about our work and the future ahead.” He was immediately reprimanded by his peers. He felt compelled to add, “We also talk about Jin Young-hyung.” (JYP)

Not missing a beat, a reporter asked Taecyeon, “Do you insult him too?” He couldn’t conceal his embarrassment and tried to repair the situation. But he dug himself a deeper hole, and finally told the reporters, “There are times we do it. I can’t say that we never do,” arousing laughter all around.