“Big” Episode 1 Preview

Check out the preview for tonight’s upcoming episode below!

Gil Daran: While I didn’t catch my friend’s bouquet that day, I caught myself a man instead~
Gil Daran: Excuse me…I’m engaged…
Jang Mari: There’s a guy named Kang Kyung Joon at your school, isn’t there?
Gil Daran: Then, should we tell the entire world that your soul was swapped with another?
Gil Choong Shik: Brother-in-law…I didn’t think you were like this…
Seo Yoon Jae: I’m not your brother-in-law!
Gil Min Gyu: Seo hubby~ (affectionately calling his future son-in-law)
Gil Min Gyu: Why would my Seo hubby…ignore me?!
Gil Choong Shik: Who is the person I saw then?
Gil Min Gyu: Then who’s the guy who ignored me?
Gil Daran: This was a medical accident!
Gil Daran: If we go talk with the doctors, we can make them take responsibility and change you…

Big’s” lead actress Lee Min Jung takes on the role of Gil Daran, a spunky and at times clumsy teacher, while Gong Yoo plays Seo Yoon Jae, Gil Daran’s fiance and pediatrician who swaps bodies with 18-year-old delinquent. The body-swapping rom-com promises to be another hit as it’s written by the famous Hong Sisters (Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran), the masterminds behind trendy series like “The Greatest Love,” “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho,” You’re Beautiful,” “My Girl,” and more. The series also stars Bae Suzy of miss A, Jang Hee Jin, Shin Won Ho, Baek Sung Hyun, Ahn Suk Hwan, Yoon Hae Young, and more.

“Big” will premiere on KBS tonight, June 4, at 9:55PM KST.

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