Kim Tae Hee Wants to Get Married Before She Turns Forty

Earlier today, Kim Tae Hee held a fan meeting in Seoul where she met with her fans to share stories and answer questions. During the event, the actress revealed that she wanted to marry before she turned forty. She started, “I don’t want to marry too late. I hope to get married before I’m forty.” Regarding her personality, she explained, “My blood type is O. I’m easy-going, and I don’t hold grudges.” Kim Tae Hee also stated, “I recently earned my scuba diving license. It was really challenging,” sharing her latest achievement.

The fan meeting, named “Elastine Picnic with Kim Tae Hee,” was hosted by LG Household & Health Care to celebrate Kim Tae Hee’s recent endorsement deal with Elastine Shampoo. She replaces Jeon Ji Hyun, who was the face of the brand for the past eleven years, as the next “hair goddess.”