ZE:A’s Kwang Hee Leaves “The Rules of the Jungle” Due to Leg Injury

Several show business industry officials have confirmed that ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee returned early from the Siberian Tundra due to an unexpected leg injury. Previously on May 18, Kwang Hee left for the Siberian Tundra to film “The Rules of Jungle 2” with Kim Byung Man, Ricky Kim, Noh Woo Jin, and new member Lee Tae Gon. Originally, Kwang Hee planned to film the show in the Siberian Tundra until early June. However, he came back to Korea on May 26 due to a leg injury.

The Siberian Tundra is known for extremely cold weather, which reaches -60℃ in the winter season. Due to such extreme weather condition, even the most trivial mistake could lead to a big injury, which is exactly what happened to Kwang Hee. However, the news about Kwang Hee’s early return from the Siberian Tundra was kept as a secret due to several reasons.

First, on the day of Kwang Hee’s return on May 26, ZE:A’s leader Moon Joon Young also injured his leg during a filming. With ZE:A’s comeback planned in the very near future, this coincidence of two leg injuries was not welcome. Moreover, Kwang Hee previously talked about how he wants to quit “The Rules of the Jungle” in previous episodes. He stated, “This is too difficult in terms of emotionally and mentally. I want to give up,” and left the clan. However, he returned the next day and continued his adventure in “The Rules of the Jungle” in Vanuatu. Since Kwang Hee’s surprise announcement of quitting the show garnered so much attention previously, it became even more difficult to reveal his early dismissal from the show.

A representative of “The Rules of the Jungle” stated, “Currently, Kwang Hee’s getting necessary treatments at a hospital. Although it was not a major injury, he came back to Korea early to treat the injury right and recover quickly. Kang Hee feels bad for everyone at ‘The Rules of the Jungle.’ If anyone’s struggling with this event, it would be Kwang Hee.” Kwang Hee’s agency avoided talking about his early dismissal from the Siberian Tundra. They commented, “We have nothing to say at the moment. We would have to wait until ‘The Rules of the Jungle’ team returns to Korea.”