miss A’s Suzy Demonstrates How to Genuinely Give Hugs

miss A’s Suzy showed off how to genuinely give hugs.

An online community board recently uploaded a video clip with the title, “How Suzy Gives Hugs.” The video clip displayed Jewelry’s Ye Won and Suzy tightly hugging each other.

The clip was actually from KBS “Invincible Youth Season 2” that was aired on June 2. Four members of the G6 could not appear in the episode due to complications with international performances; thus, only Suzy and Ye Won led the program and even showed off their close friendship.

When Ye Won introduced the guests to temporarily substitute the other G6 members, the singer yelled, “Ah, what are we going to do” as she slightly hugged Suzy. Suzy completed the hug by grabbing Ye Won’s arms, putting them around her own shoulders, and tightly hugging her. The miss A way of hugging was by tightly embracing– full of love.

Fans and netizens who saw the video clip commented: “It makes me feel warm watching them hug,” “Suzy has a powerful force in her,” “Wow, hug me too,” and “I should learn from ‘How Suzy Gives Hugs.’”