Many Hairstyles of YG Artists

The impact of a K-Pop idol’s hairstyle is much more far-reaching than you’d think. That’s because it is difficult to stand out with a simple costume or accessory in an endless flood of idols.

Recently, the trend is to complete the hairstyle and the overall look from the initial stages of an artist’s album planning. YG Entertainment’s Big Bang and 2NE1 have been the frontrunners for expressing their unequaled sense of individuality through their hair. They are examples of recent groups breaking away from the conventions of idol-styling, and establishing their own identities.

First, Big Bang’s Taeyang hair is the hottest issue among fans. Many differ in their opinions as to what the lamb-like rolled up hair might signify. YG personnel said, “It can mean any monster that a fan could think of.” It’s definitely up for interpretation.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s hair sets a record for grabbing media’s attention every time it undergoes a transformation. During the last album promotion, he presented what his fans adorned as “seaweed hair.” He even confessed on the SBS “Go Show,” “I couldn’t even rap properly because the hair covered my eye.” Recently, he’s been sticking with thinly permed hair that has been set in an upwards direction.

2NE1’s Sandara Park has been the focus of attention starting from her debut. Fans were immediately interested in her sky-high braid that stayed exactly still even during extreme movements as part of the “Fire” performance. It soon became Sandara’s trademark.

Fans’ curiosity continued as Sandara’s hair stayed straight and shot up.

Big Bang’s groundbreaking hairstyles have once again become hot topic in March through the “Monster” album. Fans are anticipating for 2NE1’s much awaited comeback, too!

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