The Original Fairies S.E.S Reveal Why They Broke Up

The “first generation original girl group,” S.E.S is united once again.

S.E.S officially disbanded in 2002 but came back together for the high fashion magazine, “Harper’s Bazaar Korea” June spread. It’s been 10 years.

Musical actress/singer Bada (Sea), wife/mother Shoo, and actress/beauty mentor Eugene have all diligently lived their separate lives until this moment. They came together to showcase their lasting beauty, surprising the staff as well.

The interview conducted afterwards revealed the reason behind their decision to disband. They stated, “Our reason was to keep the title, S.E.S. We were at a young age then, but we had promised each other that we would do greater things under the name, S.E.S.”

S.E.S will be hosting their own event by the name, “Green Heart.” The bazaar event supports a young, talented cellist, Minho, who is under unfortunate circumstances. It began as a small initiative by Bada, having quietly conducted the project with her fans for the past three years.

From sharing her enthusiasm to full participation, Eugene and Shoo has joined the project this year. The project will transform into “S.E.S’s Green Heart Bazaar.”

Fans will have the chance to get S.E.S paraphernalia and a “Green Heart” logo t-shirt, specially designed by Eugene. The event will take place at Seoul GoodBuySell on June 9 at 2 PM.