YG Opens Official eBay Store with Big Bang’s “Still Alive”

YG is the first Korean entertainment agency to open a store on the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay, and establish a distribution channel with a global user base. YG Entertainment worked with eBay Korea to launch their “YG Store” on June 7th with boy band Big Bang’s special edition album, “Still Alive”. With the launch of the store, YG opens up to a global audience in over forty countries and over one hundred million users. Selling on eBay gives YG an official store for Hallyu fans to purchase YG products.

Following the launch of the store, Big Bang plans to open a dedicated store to auction autographed CDs and sponsor activities on the site, making them the only Asian celebrities to have a separate store on eBay. In the future, YG plans to use their eBay store to sell 56 different albums from YG artists, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, as well as 27 other items including photobooks, t-shirts, and fan cheering tools.

YG commented, “with the increase in foreign demand, the eBay store lets our overseas fans purchase more conveniently,” and “this will secure prices of hallyu celebrity related products and facilitate the creation of a healthy market for hallyu, thus increasing its value”.

You can find the store over here.