HyunA Tried Out for 50 Acting Auditions and Failed

4minute’s HyunA confessed she has experience being rejected in 50 different auditions.

On the June 7 broadcast of Mnet “Beatles Code 2,” she revealed, “I’ve been auditioning since I was seven years old.” She had been an unusually precocious and talented child. When young HyunA expressed her interest in acting to her parents, they supported her completely.

“You can only show your specialties at the acting audition site. There needs to be singing, dancing, or aekyo, but since I wasn’t prepared for any of them, I was turned down all 50 times.”

So she tried to dance. “I thought I needed to learn how to dance. So I went to Daehangno and saw b-boying oppas, and that opened a whole new world to me.” She fell in love with the b-boy style at first sight and started to learn.

“I made the cut for a JYP audition at my first go as I started dancing. I really think dancing just fits me,” said HyunA.

Meanwhile, another guest of the show, Shoo, revealed that her professional-basketball-player-husband, Lim Hyo Sung, is an avid fan of HyunA.