Kim Ji Suk Says He’s in Love with Park Han Byul (Parodies Ji Hyun Woo)

Kim Ji Suk recently made a surprising confession that created quite the buzz.

At the Seoul Lotte Cinema Konkuk University premiere of “Two Moons” (Producer Kim Dong Bin), Kim Ji Suk had the opportunity to speak with the press after and openly stated, “During the filming the this movie and up until now, I have fostered feelings for Park Han Byul.”

Every single person in attendance of the press conference was shocked by Kim Ji Suk’s unpredicted confession. But then Kim Ji Suk when on to say, “Park Han Byul, Park Jin Joo and even director Kim Dong Bin – I like them all actually.”

MC Kim Tae Jin joked, “I got caught off guard, thinking he was going to be the second Ji Hyun Woo” causing everyone to erupt in laughter.

Kim Ji Suk made sure to clear up any misunderstanding by stating that “I was just making that confession out of pure jest”, but definitely surprised Park Han Byul in the process. Park Han Byul shared, “I was shocked. My mind nearly went blank.”

“Two Moons” is a horror flick about college student Suk Ho (Kim Ji Suk), horror fiction author So Hee (Park Han Byul), and high school student In Jun (Park Jin Joo) who find themselves isolated in a house in the woods and is set to be released in July.