2NE1’s Comeback Pushed Back Tentatively to July

Currently 2NE1 has set their comeback date to sometime in July! According to their agency YG Entertainment on June 12, “2NE1 was planning on releasing their new album in June. However, they wanted to focus completely on their music video filming and recording for the new album. That is why they have pushed back the comeback to early July.”

The comeback will happen around the “2012 London Olympic” that will open on July 27. A representative said about this, “Although the timing is similar, we decided that it was more important to make high quality music that contained 2NE1’s own unique color. Regardless of the Olympics, 2NE1 will try their best and focus completely on their music activities. Whatever time the members go up on stage, they are determined to give their all.”

The representative continued, “Currently early July is probably the most likely time of the comeback, but due to unforeseen situations it might change.”