Kim Soo Hyun Featured in a French Hallyu Magazine

Actor Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity has reached Europe as well!

Key East Entertainment stated on June 10, “Kim Soo Hyun was recently placed on the cover of the French Hallyu magazine, ‘K-Pop Life Magazine,’ for the month of May/June. Interest in Kim Soo Hyun is crossing overseas due to his visuals, acting skills and star-like qualities.”

“K-Pop Life Magazine” features the hottest K-Pop artists, movies, dramas and lifestyles of the Korean entertainment industry. It is circulated throughout the entire continent of Europe.

Kim Soo Hyun was introduced as the next biggest Hallyu star, who is already huge in Korea. The article listed all the previous works of Kim Soo Hyun in the past and showed a lot of interest in the star.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun has been chosen as the celebrity representative of the Korea Tourism Organization. He is also in works with a new film, “Secretly and Greatly,” which is based on a popular web tune.