Photos From T-ara’s Overnight Dance Practice Revealed

T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung updated her Twitter with a post that read, “It’s been a while since we practiced like this together late at night. We’re taking a break been rehearsing for two hours straight. T-ara’s gotten really good at listening. Good job guys.”

Eun Jung re-Tweeted the following photos of the group posing during rehearsal. The photos belonged to T-ara’s dance instructor Bae Yoon Jung who had originally posted the pictures of the ladies.

In the photos the T-ara members showed off their confidence as they posed with their hands resting on their foreheads. In another the girls were pictured showing off their “bbuing, bbuing,” cutesy charm. The members had finished a night of hard work rehearsing their eye-catching dances moves in preparation for their comeback.

Netizens responded to the photos saying, “That’s amazing, they were practicing through the night,” “They must be so tired,” and “Their practice room is really nice.”

Lately, the eighth and ninth members of T-ara have been a hot topic as the public wonders what they will add to the group when they finally make their debut. Fans can look forward to the group’s new single, “Day By Day” which is scheduled for release on July 7. For the group’s latest song famous choreographer Jonte Moaning (who is best known for working with Beyoncé) is in charge of the choreography for the ladies music video as well as their comeback stage.