Netizens Drool over Gong Yoo’s Long Legs

Recently, KBS’sBig” released two stills of its lead actor Gong Yoo that showcased his mile-long legs . In the photos, Gong Yoo is casually sitting down with his legs perched on the table as he reads over a contract. Netizens couldn’t help but notice his ideal body proportions and his long legs. Earlier this month, Gong Yoo also attracted a lot of media attention for his “butterfly muscles,” or his muscular back in the first episode of “Big.”

Netizens commented, “Gong Yoo has been gifted with the ideal body,” “Wow, his legs are super long,” “Look at those legs,” “No wonder he looks great in a suit,” “So envious of those long legs,” and more.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo has been entertaining viewers with his role as an 18-year old boy trapped in a 30-year-old man’s body in “Big.”

“Big” airs on KBS every Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:55PM KST.