Kim Soo Hyun’s Fanclub Donates 1.5 Tons of Rice to Charity

On June 12, upcoming film “Thieves” held a press conference in Seoul, Korea. Actors, actresses, journalists, and other staff members who arrived at the site were greeted by a large amount of rice. It was gifted by Kim Soo Hyun‘s fan clubs, Yukaris Daum Fan Cafe and DC Inside Kim Soo Hyun Gallery.

Kim Soo Hyun’s fan clubs donated total of 1.5 tons of rice, which is enough to feed approximately 12,400 starving children. This rice will be donated to individuals and/or organizations Kim Soo Hyun and his fan clubs choose. Netizens commented, “Kim Soo Hyun fan clubs’ rice donation is amazing,” “They got a lot of rice together,” “It’s good to see a celebrity and his fan club leading a good cause,” and “This would be the perfect example of ‘good fan culture.'”

Meanwhile, the movie “Thieves,” which portrays the grand scheme of professional thieves from Korea and China to steal a rare diamond, “The Tear of the Sun,” will be coming to theaters on July 25.