SISTAR's Hyorin Prefers Being Nude and Wishes for Plastic Surgery

SISTAR’s Hyorin made a surprising confession, which marked her as a “wild woman.”

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on June 13, Hyorin revealed, “I’m always in the nude when I’m at the dorm. I can’t sleep with clothes on,” which shocked the others.

Then, the MCs asked if other members take their clothes off as well. She answered, “Soyu also goes around without clothes. When it’s just the two of us in the dorm, it’s basically like a women’s bathhouse.” As soon as the MC began to comment, Hyorin quickly added, “Of course we still wear our underwear,” breaking apart any inappropriate imaginations.

She also truthfully and confidently added, “I think Soyu and I have the best bodies in our group.”

Hyorin also went on to share her wishes for plastic surgery. When the MCs asked, “What part of your face would you want to fix” she answered, “Everything.”

Hyorin continued, “Before we debuted, I went to a lot of plastic surgery clinics. I went to three different places but they all told me the same thing. My current features are harmonious so if I got one thing done, I would have to get ten other things done. So I decided to be satisfied with what I have now.”

Finally, she said, “I wanted to stand before everyone with a pretty face but our agency does not allow plastic surgery.”

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