SISTAR’s Hyorin Gives Her Number to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun During Broadcast

SISTAR’s Hyorin made a surprise move and gave Super Junior’s Kyuhyun her number during broadcast.

On June 13, Hyorin appeared on “Radio Star” and gave MC Kyuhyun her phone number on the spot.

Kyuhyun explained how he was trying to get Hyorin’s phone number in order to plan a company dinner for “Immortal Song 2.” He stated that he tried to get Hyorin’s phone number but ended up with her manager’s number instead.

He said, “Hyorin didn’t give me her own number but her manager’s number instead.” Hyorin was taken aback and explained, “It wasn’t long after I debuted so my agency was really nervous about me. I personally wanted to go but my agency somehow found out before I did and did not let me go.”

Then the MCs pushed a piece of paper toward Hyorin and asked her to write her number down for Kyuhyun at this opportunity. Although she was yet again taken aback, she wrote her number on the paper right away and gave it to Kyuhyun.