Bada Says SISTAR’s Hyorin Looks Like a Native American Chief’s Daughter

On the June 13 episode of MBC’s “Radio StarBada and SISTAR’s Hyorin appeared as guests. While the MCs were explaining the connection between the guests, they went ahead and stated that Bada had once said that Hyorin looks like a Native American chief’s daughter.

Bada defended herself saying, “I’ve heard that nickname before, I passed it on to her. It was one of the best modifiers I heard.”

Bada continued, “You aren’t just the daughter of a Native American, but you are the daughter of the chief who has the most power. That modifier contains both unpolished beauty and class.”

Bada then asked Hyorin, “Does it make you feel bad?” Hyorin replied, “I like that modifier” and the studio erupted with laughter.