Netizens Observe Consistency Error in Lee Min Jung & Gong Yoo’s “Big”

Keen netizens noted a flaw in the third episode of KBS’sBig,” starring Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo. During the episode, the show aired a flashback to Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) and Gil Daran’s (Lee Min Jung) first encounter. While most, including Gil Daran, believed that the two first met as she was falling down the stairs, Yoon Jae’s friend belatedly revealed the true story.

According to the friend, Yoon Jae was already smitten by her before the fateful accident, having met her at the elevator as she ran straight into his chest with the bride’s bouquet. What’s interesting about this “flashback scene” was that it was also the first scene in the pilot episode of the drama; however, no one recalled seeing Gong Yoo in the elevator two weeks ago. After replaying the actual first scene in the series, it was found that Gong Yoo was not in the elevator.

However, producers of the show denied the error. A representative stated, “It was not a mistake. Those scenes were purposely written that way in the script.” He continued, “The elevator scene in the first episode was shown from Gil Daran’s memories, while the second was shown from Seo Yoon Jae’s perspective. That’s why they were different. The scenes were recreated from what each character remembered from the event. Hence, when Gil Daran and the viewers found out about the new detail, they shared the same emotional relief and happiness.”

Meanwhile, “Big” has been off to a relatively slow start, recording single digit ratings for the first four episodes. According to AGB Nielsen, “Big” recorded 7.9% for its fourth episode, dipping 0.5% from the night before.