Jeon Ji Hyun and miss A Suzy’s Innocent Beauty at the Age of Nineteen

Several photos of actress Jeon Ji Hyun at age 19 and miss A’s Suzy (currently 19 in Korean age) were uploaded on an online community with the title, “Jeon Ji Hyun Suzy 19 Year Old Pure Beauty.” The pictures of Jeon Ji Hyun are from her past role in drama, “Happy Together.” Besides her beauty, she also shows an innocent charm in the photos.

The photos of Suzy are from a press conference for her current drama, KBS’s “Big”. Her innocent and bright character is evident from the picture, complemented by her bright pink dress.

People commented, “Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy’s 19 year beauty is the best,” “Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy are both beautiful,” and “you can’t hide Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy’s superior 19 year old beauty.”