Shin Se Kyung’s New Digital Single “You Are Sweet” MV

On June 14, Shin Se Kyung released a digital single “You Are Sweet.” The song sings the emotions of a woman who is in love. Shin Se Kyung starts out the song with her cute and shy confession, “I’m so into you.”

“You Are Sweet” is written by Hip Hop duo Freestyle, who’s only written songs for themselves. They said that from the beginning of this project, they started writing the song with Shin Se Kyung in mind as the vocalist. In return, Shin Se Kyung finished recording the song in only one take, surprising everyone with her exceptional vocal.

Shin Se Kyung’s clear ringing voice portrays youthful and refreshing love in the early 20s. Indie band Swedish Cleaners helps Shin Se Kyung’s voice to stand out even more with their refined vocal and chorus. Swedish Cleaners consists of vocalist and pianist Choi In Young and vocalist and guitarist Wang Se Yoon. They entered the “Dal.Komm Song Audition” and won the competition of 200 to 1.

Please check out Shin Se Kyung and Swedish Cleaners’ “You Are Sweet” MV below!