JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Held Hostage?!

Singer-actor Kim Jae Joong (JYJ) amused his fans with two photos of himself fooling around with fellow staff members of MBC drama “Dr. Jin.” On June 13, he tweeted, “29 more hours, hwaiting!” and attached the humorous photos.

Kim Jae Joong alarmed his fans with his first photo where he appeared to be gagged with tape, looking distressed and tired. In another, he’s seen surrounded by staff members, who unlike Jaejoong smiled happily for the camera.

Netizens commented, “LOL, he’s held hostage by the drama’s crew,” “He must be so tired from all the filming,” “Hwaiting oppa,” “We’re having so much fun watching you in ‘Dr. Jin,’ hwaiting!” and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong currently stars in “Dr. Jin” as Kim Kyung Tak, a Joseon military official who’s in love with Park Min Young’s Hong Young Rae.

“Dr. Jin” is a time-warping–medical–historical drama that tells the story about Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Heon), a talented, yet cold-hearted 21st century neurosurgeon who gets sucked into the Joseon Dynasty where he performs neurosurgery using the primitive tools from the era. While he’s in the past, he meets a nobleman’s daughter (Park Min Young) who wears a striking resemblance to the girl he loves in 2012.