Are Gong Yoo And Suzy Awkward Around Each Other Off-Screen?

In case you have been wondering, “Are Gong Yoo and Suzy friendly to each other when the cameras are off?”, a picture posted on a social networking service on June 14 seems to answer that question. The picture is from the filming set of KBS “Big” at an hospital.

In the picture, Gong Yoo is wearing a white doctor’s coat. His tall stature makes even the most boring white coat look like it’s straight from the runway. Suzy, wearing a feminine pink blouse with pink-stripes and a flower-pleated skirt, is perfectly transformed into Jang Ma Ri. Both Suzy and Gong Yoo look great in the picture, but they don’t seem interested in interacting with each other. They are looking away from each other, looking like a couple after having an argument.

Netizens commented, “So they are not really friends in real life?” “You never know. You can’t assume everything from this one picture,” and “Suzy is so pretty!”