2AM Members Appear Excited for Jo Kwon’s Solo Debut

In response to 2AM’s Jo Kwon working as a solo singer, the other members sent messages of encouragement. The members showed their sincere friendship by encouraging him publicly.

On June 18, Jo Kwon first revealed the digital singles of “Animal” and “Just a Kiss” from his first album. In response, the youngest member Jinwoon wrote on his twitter, “Animal, animal, animal, animal!!!!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to it. Hehehe. Kwonnie hyung really prepared hard!!” He was the first member to promote the album.

Seulong tweeted, “I’m an animal. I pray for Jo Kwon’s solo success!!!!” Changmin cheered on Jo Kwon by writing, “Jo Kwon, animal fighting!!!! As much as his efforts, I am looking forward to his marvelous stage!!”

Netizens who watched the tight friendship of the four members commented, “2AM’s teamwork is also good,” “Just like the other members’ wishes, Jo Kwon gain big success,” “I am looking forward to Jo Kwon as a solo singer,” and “Truly, four men that are good to look at.”

Jo Kwon’s first solo album “Animal” will hit stores on June 25.