Girl’s Day Yura Shares a Love Shot with Kim Soo Hyun?

What is going on? It seems that Girl’s Day Yura is a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun! Just like fellow member Sojin, she took a picture where it appears like she is sharing a drink with Kim Soo Hyun. (That cardboard figurine of Kim Soo Hyun is quite lucky!)

Girl’s Day Yura tweeted on June 20, “I am sharing a drink with Kim Soo Hyun at a coffee shop just like Sojin unni did.”

Netizens that came across the picture stated, “So cute! I wish I was Kim Soo Hyun,” “Was it fun? Kim Soo Hyun is handsome. Yura unni is cute as well,” and “Wow that figurine has already shared a drink with two members of Girl’s Day.”