Jeon Ji Hyun Shows Off Her Sexiness in a Catsuit for “Thieves” Poster

Film distributing company Showbox revealed character posters for movie “Thieves” on June 21 via Daum Mobile. Previously, Kim Yoon Suk, Lee Jung Jae, and Kim Hye Soo‘s individual character posters were released and today, they revealed Jeon Ji Hyun‘s individual cut.

Without a doubt, Jeon Ji Hyun was sexy. The revealed poster shows Jeon Ji Hyun in her catsuit, with a harness around her waist for cable attachments. The catsuit reveals every curve in her body and the shoulder and upper chest part of the outfit are made with mesh, see-through material.  She has her hair up in a pony tail, looking rather elegant and well put together for a thief.

A representative from “Thieves” commented, “Jeon Ji Hyun transformed into Anycall, who is beautiful, sexy, and flexible. Her character does not only extravagant wire action scenes, but also talks rough. Jeon Ji Hyun did a great job at portraying this cool, charming character.”

Meanwhile, movie “Thieves,” which portrays the grand scheme of professional thieves from Korea and China to steal a rare diamond, “The Tear of the Sun,” will be coming to theaters on July 25.