Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Gifts Other Members

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha revealed proof shots of her giving bracelets that she made as gifts to her fellow members. On June 22, she wrote on her twitter, “With you all so happy like this, it was worth making them one bead at a time while thinking of you guys. Hey you guys, I’m happy as well.” Along with the tweet, she attached a photo.

Before that, Narsha tweeted photos of the other members, writing “Wearing the bracelet I made her, Son Ga In is making the most brightest smile in the world.”

Afterwards, she wrote, “With the bracelet I made on Jea’s lovely wrist, there’s a Hollywood star right there. I am happy that you are very happy as well.”

Then, she tweeted, “Miryo’s smile is so beautiful that my bracelet isn’t even noticeable. You are the prettiest when you smile like this.”

In the photos, the Brown Eyed Girls members are looking at the camera, wearing the bracelet that Narsha made. In the group picture, everyone besides Narsha is making unenthusiastic expressions. Unlike Narsha’s tweets, the other members are smiling awkwardly while wearing Narsha’s handmade bracelet, which made people laugh.

Netizens who saw the photos said, “Besides Narsha unni, all their expressions…” “It’s a comical concept. It’s funny,” and “Even making bracelets, she has good skills.”