“Arang and the Magistrate” Stills Featuring Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki Unleashed

Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki finished the first filming of the upcoming MBC drama “Arang and the Magistrate.” Still cuts were revealed on June 22 of the filming that began since May 23.

The pictures show the first meeting between Arang (Portrayed by Shin Min Ah) and the Magistrate Eun Oh (Portrayed by Lee Jun Ki.) The drama will begin airing on July 25.

The drama is based on the folklore of “Arang.” Arang used to be the daughter of a magistrate. However a wicked caretaker conspires to have her raped. She ends up being stabbed and murdered. Her father the magistrate resigns from his position in shame. Afterwards, anyone who tries to fill in the magistrate position is haunted by her. This is where Eun Oh the new magistrate comes in, after hearing Arang’s story he sympathizes with her and vows to avenge her death.