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In an interview with Sports Seoul, Kim Jaejoong showed that he’s full of drive to improve his acting skills for his fans. We first watched him in “Protect the Boss” and are now getting a taste of the progress in “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” The released behind the scenes photos for “Dr. Jin” filming show that he has indeed a challenging feat ahead for his first traditional drama.

He confessed, “There’s so much out there for me to learn, having all these experienced sunbaes around me. But my mind is so busy that it doesn’t seem to have room to take it all in yet.” He still showed determination, saying, “It’s fun to have a new challenge.”

He also shared his experience with the traditional topknot. Dubbing it “the battle with the topknot,” he was warned beforehand by his fellow JYP member, Park Yoochun, about his own ordeal.

“Your hair parts funny with the topknot, and you get marks on the forehead for hours afterwards,” he said, shaking his head. “Moreover, you get tan lines under the sun. At least I should be relieved that they didn’t attach a beard on me.”

Another tough thing about traditional drama is the layers upon layers of costume in the hot, humid weather. Jaejoong feels the need to be extra careful, because his role as a government official entails a dutiful entourage of supporting actors, even under the sun. He believes that everyone on site must be happy to produce good acting and a great drama.

“Traditional dramas usually have a lot of supporting actors. And they go through so much trouble. More than us [main actors] since the same scene must be taken with many different angles,” said Jaejoong, showing consideration for his colleagues. “I bought them all ice cream couple times. It momentarily helps with the heat.”

Thanks to copious amount of horse riding during filming, Jaejoong made a new friend. “My horse’s name is Raphael,” said Jaejoong. “He gets awkward every time we meet. But I think he’s a wonderful fellow. I spend a lot of time with him these days. Having conversations, asking how he’s been doing.”

You can catch Kim Jaejoong and his acting in working progress every Saturdays and Sundays at 9:50 PM KST.

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