“Running Man” Members’ Capabilities Scored Based On Performance During Past 100 Episodes

On June 24, SBS’ “Running Man” will be airing its 100th episode. For the special occasion, the producers of the show scored each member based on their performances during the past 100 episodes. The interesting results of the scores have been garnering attention.

Yoo Jae Suk was chosen as the overall most capable because he ranked number one in all categories except “Power.” Following Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji Hyo received high scores in all categories, as her nickname “Ace” indicates. Kim Jong Kook received high scores for “Stamina” and “Power;” however, he scored lower than expected in other categories.

Also, even though Haha received low scores for “Stamina” and “Power,” he received perfect scores for “Sociability” and “Variety Show Skills.” Gary got overall high marks for “Stamina,” “Power,” and “Variety Show Skills.”

Lastly, Lee Kwang Soo got perfect scores in “Sociability” and “Variety Show Skills,” and Ji Suk Jin was last in place because of his low scores in “Power” and “Stamina.”