[Ceci] Body Paparazzi Part 1: The Secret to Girl Groups' Legs!

This week, we’re doing a series on celebrity body secrets to prepare us for summer looks.  We wanted to hear how girl group members whip their bodies into shape for their promotional tours so we asked them and their trainers for their secrets.  Stay tuned this week to find out!

And if you happen to be in Korea, check out these gyms stars love:
4minute, miss A  – rA Fitness & Hot Yoga in Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu
SPICA – Zenith Fitness in Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu
f(x), BoA – Before and After Private Training Gym in Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu

Star 1 – Perfect Shape
f(x)’s Krystal

She can’t lose to Girl’s GenerationJessica’s sister Krystal works out by first setting her legs and back with basic lunges.  She then shapes her silhouette with various stretches.  In the next album, you can expect a more slender and shapely figure from Krystal!

By Kim Chan Oh, Trainer at Before and After Private Training Gym

Star 2 – Maximum Volume
miss A’s Min

 Min’s tight body is a result of her current circuit training workouts.  She repeats six to twelve Kettlebell and TRX type exercises in sets (“circuits”) at a high intensity without any breaks.  Increase in strength and agility are a given, and additional benefits include increased flexibility and weight loss.

By Ham Sang Ho, Trainer at rA Fitness & Hot Yoga

Star 3 – Diet Success!
f(x)’s Sulli

Where did all her fat go?  Sulli got her new fabulous figure with gravity resistance training, using dumbbells and barbells.  Her goal was to transform her bodyline, and mission accomplished!  Gym ball exercises help her with upper and lower body balance, and leg curls, squats, and lunges help with her thighs and lower body.

By Oh Seung yup, Trainer at Before and After Private Training Gym

 Star 4 – Amazing Lower Body
Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea

Jea is famous for her pilates mania.  She’s been working out intensely at M Athletic Square in Seoul, and focusing on pilates exercises that work her legs and abs.  Not everyone can pull off her fashion, you know ~

By Lee Sang Mi, Trainer at M Athletic Square

Star 5 – Silhouette Goddess
miss A’s Suzy

Suzy’s body changed drastically recently, and she’s been hard at work to balance her body.  Follow her routine if you want to straighten out your shoulders and slim down your neck.  She created her curves and lovely silhouette with a combination of weight training and core exercises.

By Park Hyo Soo, Trainer at rA Fitness & Hot Yoga

Star 6 – Rising Line

Their secret is kickboxing!  Rising stars SPICA have been focusing on creating the bodylines girl groups are so famous for.  To create the perfect silhouette, they do a combination of ab and aerobic exercises.

By Han Kwang Ho, Yang Yoon Ho, Trainers at Zenith Fitness

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