Sandara Park Gets Ready for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert with Her Unconventional Hair Style

2NE1‘s Sandara Park is drawing eyes again with her new hair style.

On June 25, Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day, “We invite all of you to 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert!” and “This concert will be nothing like the last concert. It will have a different sensation. Would you be the best audiences?” and posted a picture of herself.

The picture revealed by Sandara Park is a shot of herself with ruffled hair combed to one side showing an ample volume of her hair. In the picture, she’s holding her hair with one hand and a slight frown on her face is enough to mesmerize the viewers.

Her fashion is as unique as her hair style. She wore a short skirt made of sparkling materials and rectangular patterns. Sandara Park showered off her slender and beautiful legs with this short skirt.

Netizens who came across Sandara Park’s picture commented, “She looks very sexy,” “Her face looks even smaller with that hair style,” “She is very pretty,” and “I really want to go to the concert.”

Meanwhile, the official name of the concert is 2NE1 2012 1st World Tour – NEW EVOLUTION. It will be held at the Olympic Park, Olympic Gymnastics Arena next month on July 28 and July 29.