ZE:A’s Dongjun Reveals His Washboard Abs

ZE:A’s maknae Kim Dong Jun revealed his washboard abs along with the release of their upcoming album concept.

On June 27, Star Empire Entertainment released the “illustration jacket” and “monotone jacket,” followed by a third set that depicts the boys like cyborgs. They’re seen looking straight at you with an iconic, blank expression on their faces, clad in robotic props.

This new concept is a departure from ZE:A’s usual “cute” and “adorable” image. Notably, Dong Jun transformed into a sexy “bagel male” (baby face + glamorous), showing off the firm top half of his body. Fans were surprised at how nicely toned his abs are in the picture.

A representative from Star Empire explained, “By showing three different concepts for the jacket, we want to show that they’re ready to present more mature and diverse types of music.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A plans their comeback on July 4, with their second album “Spectacular.” The boys return from a year of break.