JYJ Spends $3 Million USD on Its Fans

JYJ’s fan expo, which started on June 28, has cost a hefty price tag of 3.7 billion KRW ($3.2 million USD).

JYJ is having a four-day “2012 JYJ Membership Week” at Hangnyeoul SETEC. It’s a large scale event/showcase catered toward C-Jes Entertainment JYJ members. JYJ is renting a total of three exhibit halls to present a 3D media façade, trick art, fan meeting, and film screening. The group is also preparing for the fans various paraphernalia. A corner of the exhibition was dedicated to showcasing trophies bestowed upon Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong, and Kim Jun Su for their acting in domestic and foreign dramas.

Although the use of 3D media façade isn’t anything new and won’t be effective in drawing people outside JYJ fan base, it is a valid attempt to give back to the die-hard fans.

Nearly 4 billion Korean won budget was prepared by JYJ official fan club membership fees. Domestic fans must pay 15,000 KRW ($12.99 USD) per year, and fans in Japan must pay 50,000 KRW ($43.28 USD) per year. A JYJ spokesman said, “It is through this event that we desire to give back the fees JYJ fans have paid yearly. Therefore, we won’t be promoting sale of merchandise or commercial activity of any kind. This is a pure gesture of gratitude through an annual event held just for fans.”

He also added, “If Hallyu-related events were just limited to performances during overseas fans’ visit to Korea, this event will be an opportunity to enjoy K-Pop in different ways.”

For this event alone, 15,000 Korea’s fan club members and 7,024 Japan’s fan club members are scheduled to arrive at the expo. The flood of Japanese fans marks a record-breaking number of a one-time entry of foreigners into the Republic of Korea. They arrive by 116 airplanes departing from 14 airports including Haneda, Narita, and Kansai airports. A total of 3,500 rooms were booked around Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon for this event.