2NE1’s “I LOVE YOU” Sandara Park Teaser, 15 Seconds Revealed!

2NE1 released a teaser for “I LOVE YOU” on July 2, which showed 15 seconds of the upcoming song and it sounds awesome! The 15 seconds reveal that the song has electronic elements and we are treated to Sandara Park’s vocals.

The lyrics are, “All day I keep seeing you in my head, all day I look at the phone that is not ringing, why don’t you know my heart yet.” At least we know that Sandara Park’s part is about a girl whose heart is burning because of her love.

The background of the teaser shows Sandara Park and her shocking half shaved head hairstyle.

A representative of YG Entertainment stated, “Beginning with Sandara Park we will continue to release a teaser of each member until Thursday.”

The first performance of “I LOVE YOU” will be on SBS Inkigayo July 8. Stay tuned to Soompi.com for more exciting details of 2NE1’s imminent comeback!