2PM’s Woo Young Looks Hot and Sexy in New Album Jacket Photos

Jang Woo Young has released jacket photo of his upcoming mini album.

It is the one of two versions, gold and silver, for the album that will both be released by July 2. The gold edition cover titled, “23, Male, Single” was released first.

In the pictures, Woo Young is clad in a leather jacket with a simple V-neck tee. His cut body, verified by Men’s Health Magazine as “Best Cover Model,” stands out poised in a sleek dance move. Meanwhile, the other three pictures depict Woo Young with a more “dandy” feel. The overall aura is tastefully restrained to highlight his masculinity and sexiness, while bringing out his youthful, 23-year-old spirit.

In his debut as a solo artist, Woo Young appeals to his fans in a different way than before. His past 2PM activities are nowhere to be seen through these photos, though his old fans should have high expectations for their style icon.

JYP Entertainment representative explained, “His new album will be full of lively, stylish, young Jang Woo Young that you know. We hope you will also anticipate his transformation and activities hereinafter.”

Woo Young’s new mini album will be launched next week, on July 8.